AYSO Region 210 is an all-volunteer organization. Currently, we need the following positions filled for the 2023-2024 season:

  • Game Scheduler
  • Referees
  • Referee Administrator

Coaching– We will support you in learning to coach! If you don’t feel you can take on the Head Coach position, sign up to be an assistant coach.  Multiple teams are in the league, including my third graders, who several coaches coach.  The advantage of this is when someone has to travel, and there is a ready person to fill in. Another advantage is scheduling practices. The head coach decides the day and time of practice.  You also ensure that your team includes kids from your school. We do our best to do that. However, priority goes to volunteers.

Division Commissioner– The big ‘task’ is assigning teams, coordinating practices, and communicating.  Time commitment is the busiest in mid-August- early September and again in March, moving the waitlist.  Work is largely done at home, on the computer, at any time.

Practice Scheduler– I filled in for the spring for this role.  Verify open fields, solicit practice requests, maintain spreadsheets, and handle change requests. Most work is done mid-August – Mid-September and April.  I will train this person.

Field Stripers–  AYSO is responsible for painting the soccer field lines on the fields in Clarendon Hills.  We typically do this in the fall before the season starts and sprints.  We have a volunteer right now, but I would like to be more involved in learning how to do this.  

Game Scheduler– In the past, one person did both the practice scheduler and game schedule, but optimally, a separate person would do this.  Most work is done mid-late August or early April.  This is done through a computer program.   The volunteers will be trained.

Equipment– These volunteers help to distribute and take back equipment.  We have a fantastic manager who has been doing this for years, but we need more people involved to help and learn the role.

If you are new to AYSO and have kids in the younger grades, getting involved in some of the jobs above is important.  Optimally, we would have people helping out in every role in preparation for doing it in the future.  We will have more e-mails about other volunteer needs later, but we wanted everyone to understand what some of these roles involve.

Thank you to all those parents who are already volunteering!  

For more information on each of these roles, please visit our Volunteer page or email [email protected]


Please contact AYSO 210 Regional Commissioner at [email protected] if you can help with any of these roles.