AYSO Region 210 Game Schedule

For the current game schedule, click the download button below.

Picture day is Saturday, September 21, 2019 at Hinsdale Central cafeteria. The current picture day schedule is now available: click here. To place an order for picture day, go to Our Event Number is 27082980.

Please note: Game times and/or locations periodically change. Please re-check your game schedule throughout the season. The InLeague registration website (and phone app) always has the latest game schedule information. 

Make-Up Game Policy
You are not required to make-up missed games. However, in the event that the weather is poor throughout a season (spring or fall), we will make a region-wide plan for making up missed games. This may include indoor game play or additional game days added to the game schedule. Coaches should inform their Division Commissioners in writing if their team will miss a game and why. It is at the discretion of the Division Commissioner and coaches for both teams whether to schedule a make-up game. Coaches should do their best to make sure that the children have an opportunity to play their games, if at all possible. The coaches should go to the master practice schedule (located on the Practice Schedule page) and find an available field of the appropriate size for their division. The permitted times for each field (which vary widely) are located on each field page of the master practice schedule. Unassigned field times and locations are available on a first come, first serve basis. You do not need to notify the Game Scheduler or the Practice Scheduler about make-up games.