AYSO Region 210 Fall 2018/Spring 2019 Registration


Early Bird Registration is $110 and ends on June 14, 2018 11:59 pm. Starting June 15, 2018 the normal registration fee applies and is $220. 

Registration Instructions: (Early Bird by June 14, 2018)

Step 1: Click the registration link at the top of this page or on the News section of You will be directed to our InLeague Registration page.

If you have already played in Region 210:

Step 2: If you already played in our Region, enter your user name and password from last year: generally, your email and a common password. If you forgot the password, please select Lost Password: no one can recall your log-in information.

Step 3: Go to Family Profile and choose the existing player you want to register for 2018/19.

Step 4: Add any additional players you want to register for 2018/19.

If this is your first year playing in Region 210:

Step 2: Please set up a user name and password. You will need the log in information next year, so please try to make it memorable.

Step 3: Select Family Profile and enter the information for your family. (address, phone, emergency contact)

Step 4: Once your family profile is complete, add the player(s) to your family and complete the registration.


Step 5: To complete your registration, you will need to volunteer. A number of positions are listed, but every team needs 2 coaches and at least 1 referee.

Please understand that AYSO is an all-volunteer organization. Not a single person in our Region gets paid. Every child can play, but we need help to organize, schedule, coach and referee. The positions listed require as little as 2 hours or more than 80 hours. There is a job that fits every schedule.

STEP 6: Follow Volunteer Sign Up procedure

Important Information

AYSO is an all volunteer organization. Each family is required to volunteer

*** Each team in division U6 through U14 must have a trained and registered coaching staff that consists of no less than three separate volunteers, a head coach, assistant coach, and referee. Check with your child’s Division Commissioner for unfilled positions

U5 & U19 families will be contacted by the Division Commissioner to sign up for division-specific volunteer opportunities

Youth Referees are for ages 10-18 only – Driver’s license not required for Youth Referees

Step 6a: Go to and update/complete a Volunteer application

Step 6b: e-sign eAYSO volunteer application and submit

Step 6c: Print one copy of the volunteer application – be sure to use the small print icon ( )


STEP 1 : Contact the Division Commissioner (DC) for your child(ren) to make sure that there is space
available on a team. The list of names and email addresses for our DC’s can be found on our website, , under Contact Us, Division Commissioners

STEP 2 : If the DC confirms there is room for your child to play, proceed to previously registered or new registrant as appropriate

Player registrations received at this time will be placed on a team as space allows.

Questions or problems with your registration?

For all other registration questions, please contact our Late Registrar at

Questions about your volunteer registration? Please contact our Volunteer Registrar